Master Eubulon (the guy from Iron Chef America) built 13 advent decks and gave them to 13 ordinary humans. Their job was simple: Protect innocents from harm. They did their job well. But the power went to their heads and they began to think of themselves not as peacekeepers, but as the supreme beings of their world. Soon they did not serve the people, but instead made the people serve them. In their quest for dominance, they lost one of their own, and as rules dictated, they had to find a suitable replacement for the Torque advent deck. They chose a 15 year old boy named Trey, whose admiration for them quickly turned into disgust as he saw the corruption of their ways. He was able to convince 2 Riders to abandon their ill- conceived quest for power, and together they set out to destroy the 11 remaining evil riders. However, Torques comrades soon were defeated in battle by the staggering numbers of Riders against them, but not before they each vented a few riders themselves. After Torque defeated Wing Knight and Dragon Knight he stole their advent decks, but was then forced to evacuate the planet itself to escape being vented. He crossed through a portal in a mirror, the link between Earth and Ventara, and gave the Decks to the Earth versions of Wing and Dragon Knight. But a crack in the mirror Torque jumped through distorted the timeline, and he arrived on Earth years into the past. He still had to give the decks to them, since only they could wield them, but must now wait on Earth to train them before he can return to Ventara to topple the Riders. Now, it's a race to save both worlds, and Earths last hope rests on the shoulders of two young boys. Can they do it? Or will both worlds be doomed?
       This is Kamen Rider: Next Evolution!