Kamen Rider Wrath bio.

Wrath. The name itself embodies vicious intent, unforgiving anger, and unstoppable power. Kamen Rider Wrath is all of those things and more. Being the de facto leader of the Kamen Riders, he rules with an iron fist, and a cold, steely gaze. Wrath does not like to play games, and if any one of his subordinates gets out of line, Wrath is more than happy to put them back into place. Just like he did when Kamen Rider Sting started having second thoughts about working for him. However, during Torques insurrection, he was injured and has spent the remainder of his time in a healing chamber, awaiting the day that he can take revenge on the "misguided" young Rider. Little known fact: Although Strike was the first to vocalize his intent on controlling Ventara, Wrath had been planning on doing so as soon as he was handed the advent deck.

Wrath specs:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 lbs.
Advent beast: Blast Pheonix
Weapons: Blades, teleportation
Favorite food: Tea and Crumpets
Allies: most of the original Ventara Riders
Enemies: Kamen Riders Torque, Dragon Knight, and Wing Knight