Wes/ Kamen Rider Dragon Knight bio.

Wes is your average 21st century kid. He likes playing video games, and driving his older brother crazy. His competitive nature makes him constantly improve his skills, to the point where he's rivaling his brother in no time. He's secretly happy that he was given the Dragon Knight deck, which is (slightly) stronger than the Wing Knight deck, although Isaiahs extra years of experience still give him the edge. Originally not trusting Trey, he is starting to learn to accept him as a comrade, although he is still wary. If he can stop bickering with Torque, and work together with Isaiah, maybe, just maybe, they can save two worlds together.

Dragon Knight Specs:

Height: 4'10
Weight: 68 lbs
Advent beast: Red Drago
Weapons: Swords, dragon blaster
Favorite food: Fried fish
Allies: Kamen Rider Torque and Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Enemies: Kamen Rider sting and the other Ventara Riders