Isaiah/ Kamen Rider Wing Knight bio.

Isaiah thinks this whole thing is a joke. When some beaten up dude came to his doorstep, he was more than happy to check if he was alright and call an ambulance. But then the dude starts blathering on about a world behind mirrors,  and telling them that they were Earths last hope. Yeah right. But being the Mr. Hospitality that he is, he listened to more of what this guy had to say- and accepted  the Wing Knight advent deck. Although he's still doubting Trey's story, he's a 13 year old kid, and being able to transform into a super awesome fighting hero is just too cool a job to pass up. But if he doesn't take things seriously the whole thing might literally blow up in his face.


Height: 5'2
Weight: 74 lbs
Advent beast: Black Stone Bat
Weapons: Sword, lance
Favorite food: ?
Allies: Kamen Riders Dragon Knight and Torque
Enemies: The original Ventara Riders.